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Here are the different freebies, just for chambers of commerce! Click-through each of these to sign up for as many of these as you want.

Chamber Podcasting Guide

Free Chamber Podcasting Guide

For several reasons, podcasting is a very intimate and effective way to connect with your community and further establish your influence while also telling the story of what your Chamber does and the ways that you serve them.

This Chamber Podcasting Guide is a downloadable PDF that will cover all of the basics to get started with your very own podcast, quickly! It covers the concept, the equipment, the software, monetization, and it even helps you to plot out your first 10 episodes.

Customer Recognition & Partner Article / Blog Prompt Template

Customer Recognition & Partner Article / Blog Prompt Template

Chambers can use content to recognize members, partners, volunteers and more. This is incredibly powerful for SEO, social media, and email marketing all at once.

Use this download to create posts in just a few minutes following the step-by-step approach we introduced with Marketing 3-4-5β„’

Chamber Membership ROI $ Estimations

chamber membership ROI List of researched prices calculations other recommendations

What if I told you chamber membership is worth $2,773 and I have the proof?

Are you looking to provide some hard $ ROI for your small businesses or transactional-brained members? You’re not the only one. But many chambers have trouble assigning a dollar amount to some of the marketing benefits of membership. So I’ve started the research & done some of the work for you.

Strategic Planning Framework for Chambers of Commerce

Strategic Planning Framework for Chambers of Commerce

Does your chamber do an annual board retreat? Does it include a board orientation/training? What about Strategic Planning for the next 1-3 years?

It’s critically important for chambers to do these things so Frank Kenny has turned his detailed Strategic Planning Framework into a sharable PDF.

12 Key Ways to Increase Your Membership Retention

12 Key Ways to Increase Your Association's Membership Retention

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you proven ideas for recruiting, engaging and retaining your members.

Whether you are dealing with a stagnant or declining retention rate or want to provide more value to your members, 12 Ways to Increase Membership Retention provides insightful and actionable steps you can start taking today and more effectively use of your team’s resources.

Committee Management Workbook

Bob Harris, CAE

Sent to us by THE Bob Harris.

For more of his invaluable resources, bookmark his website: The Nonprofit Center.

Calculating Turnover Costs

It costs real money to replace somebody. And now you can know just how much.

Recently retired after 35 years with Birnbach Success Solutions, Sarah Birnbach has allowed us to share some ever-important HR documents. Check out their resources page for more.

Meme Templates for Chambers

Of course there’s memes involved. If you know Izzy, you know she likes memes.

These designs are drafted in Canva – ready for download or edited & branded.


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